3 March 2014

My Oldman

It is a little embarrassing moment. Ehm, for me.

Just a moment ago I saw a photo of my dad smiling at my aunt's baby. Suddenly I felt jealous yet pity yet sad. My old superman. No clear sign of oldness (?) but just... Strange feeling came and I wanted to hug him and gave him a grandchild to be hugged. Crazy huh?

Meanwhile, here I am trying my best to hold my tears from falling down.

He is old enough to hear voices of happiness from little angels around him. Playing on his lap and being tickled by his beard. It is been a long time since my oldman's smile, though.
Cukup egois sekali aku bilang aku ingin sekolah lagi setelah melihat beliau memeras keringat begitu kerasnya. Egois sekali aku tak acuh pada sinyal yang dia utarakan. Egois sekali aku bermain-main disini, mengaku stress, namun tak melihat stress yang dia alami.

Maaf, Pa.

n.b: nanti kita berhentikan saja tukang penjual es krim itu dan kita borong es nya.

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