5 July 2010

Don't Speak Any!

I have just read dibadibu's recent post about her dreams :)

Then I remembered stories from the past. 

I don't know whether it's a miracle or something. I always get what I always previously denied. Strange huh? A lil bit funny and regret come, but I know, Allah give me more than I think. This will become a thankful post for Him :)

#1. I was used to be VERY HATE to Samarinda.
Yes I was. I haven't ever think about study and graduated from one of high school in Samarinda. A bad urban and regional planning, causes the flood almost every month. But the opposite happened. I had to study at Samarinda if I wanted to enter Language Department. First, I felt mocked Him :P But then, I thanked to Allah. I got good mark then when graduated :)

#2. I didn't want to enter SMA 5 Balikpapan since I was 6.
Don't you feel any? :D Yes, because I was told that SMA 5 just for the jet-set class people and almost every its student brought a car, I didn't want to enter that school. But at the same time I didn't want to enter SMA 1. But then, I have ever study there and got my beloved friend, Nyinyik :D

Because a half of my (extended) fam graduated from faculty of economics, and I just continue this clan of economics! I hate eco-things! But then, now I am taking management! zzzz... But then, I have found my lovely to @SEF :)

#4. I (apparently) have a dream to go to Universitas Gadjah Mada.
To be frank, I was dreaming nothing about continuing my study after graduate. My father said that I would have a job on his office. But, then I was being reminded by Ardy Tanto, I was dreaming that I wanted to go to UGM. On the farewell party of JHS representative, I said that I wanted to go to Jogja and enter UGM. But (again) I was always denied that. I always say that I want to have a job!

Ridiculous one. But then I have to said this : Mulutmu, harimaumu! :D

Jangan sampai, lagi2, apa yang aku benci menjadi bagian dari hidupku :((

Emang sih, apa yang aku benci, belum tentu di mata Allah itu buruk. Tetapi apa2 yang aku suka, juga belum tentu Allah sukakan itu.

No more speak anything I don't have any knowledge about it!

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