21 December 2011

Why, People?

Ger~ Seems that you are not out of my life.

Hate that reality.

I thought that this three-months was my survival months, but again, people around me always talk about you. It's funny because I always avoid talking about my-opposite-kind-that-God-created, until Desu called me. She said your name again and again, and I decide to say that taboo word: your name. After all this time, people just do not want to forget you. Like I have been trying. I hate, it's hurt.

Just three days, and today Ushi asking me one question: 

"How's he doing?"

I knocked at the table, turned the pages of Goosebumps, stared at Ushi and answer "IDK. Now I'm pissed off."


"Because I DON'T KNOW and I DON'T WANT TO KNOW. It's over. Why're you asking?"

"Nah. Just wonder Nad. Because..."

"Because what? We even didn't talk about him for ages, Shi. How dare you...."

"Listen, Nad. Do you believe in soulmate?"

"I do believe."

"Have you heard about they, the couple, who have the same face, are usually meant to be?"


"I just saw him at pictures until the day you came to my lodging house to let me lend you helmet. Your face is the same as his. I was so shocked, Nad. Yah, it's just people said. You can either believe or not."

"Are we?"

"Yes you are."

I pretended that I just forgot about that.

But now I can't.
I write about you.

But I made my choice. I do want to forget you and I have to be consistent.

"It's okay losing something, but you have to be consistent about what you have choosen."-Mr. Amin Wibowo, @B313, Strategic Management class-

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