10 March 2010

Why Must Go to School?

Why must we go to school, university or something else that we call institutions? If the final mission is to get money, why are we still go to university to learn? Why do not we straightly make a job or have a job? We have learned for almost 13 years (formal education I mean, from elementary until senior high school). Is it not too long to sit in a chair and hearing teachers say, explain something and finally have a work to do at home? It is quite boring I think.
But then, we HAVE to go to school, in this case, university.
We must go to university because we are prepared to be a thinker, not a worker. We are prepared to analyze, how to solve problems in this country. But in fact, we go to university to get graduated and then have a job, make money. If you have made money, you decide, whether you want to go to university, or not. And also one of the reason is, we have to educate ourselves to make us better than before.
Education is not only how to educate people and then only create labours, workers. Education is about how to make someone best, how to prepare a critical, responsible, honest  human being  in the future. In fact, education-system in Indonesia still has a role as a worker producer, not a better-human being producer. Education should be a way,  how to make a best human being, with high-intellegence brain and has a value in his activity, not just a system to reach better prestige and regenerate workers generation.
Future, this will one of my contribution in education in Indonesia. I want to build schools, not just an ordinary school but we called it Madrasah or Pesantren. Maybe it is different from major that I am taking now but if I have enough knowledge, I want built a place, that can be a place to learn how to be a critical people and analyze, how to solve problems in this country. I think in madrasah, we can meet education collaborate with religion, Islam. If education be in accordance with the value of Islam, it will produce near-perfect human, who acts based on Al-Qur’an and Sunnah. But I know, If now I cannot educate myself to be a better person, I cannot make my dreams come true. Meanwhile, as a university student, I will do my best to make my dreams come true, so I really can take a part to make Indonesia better than today.

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