18 September 2011

Be A Fifth-Term Student

Weellll.. No time to write anyway. Here, 11.15 pm and I still wake up and blogging. Fantastique :P

Ne, what I'm about to say is this term is the peak-term and it's going to be the darkest time. But soon, if a night reaches its darkest time, there's a breaking dawn. Also, seeing this blog make me realize that I have passed so many experiences, wrote it. Whether I'm happy, sad, or so-so. People come and go, and back, and also stay in ur heart. From August 2009, until this time, it's been 3 years and there will be 3 terms left. From 17 to 19 years-of-my-life, and single.

And I will not forget my biggest dream: seeing the world.
Exchange? I will not forget it also. But, I save it into the deepest place in my heart.

Happy Anniversary, my blog. Thanks for being here.


Say so, I think I'm going to take Operation Management as my course, then focusing on Management Information System. Not Marketing Management, as I said before. Eventhough the course will be announced -or choosen- by next term, but I have decided I am going to take that.

May Allah bless me and my choice :)


beben cakep said...

do you miss me? waahahahaha

Nadinez Chicylia said...

miss you so mad lah :P