1 September 2009

I think of you (again)

For now, I don't really care to know which side of earth you are belong to. But, you, you do make me feel become so chaotic like this.

I can't describe my feel anymore.

So long, you have stolen my heart that I can't take it back. With you, I feel I can do anything, everything, and have all things. I was so glad having you. But...

Not for eternity.After we broke up, I became so numb. My heart hurt. My world started to fall. I just want to run away from this pain. You decided to choose her. I confess that she is more than me. More beautiful, more stylish. But, she also worse than me! Okay, she has well physical appearance than me. But I have more. I have so much things to think before you want to broke our relationship up. I am more intellegent, I am smarter, I have more affection to share with. And I have bla-bla-bla things you can’t imagine. I am sure you do regret if you decide to be apart with me. Do you forget, I am the one who stood beside you if you stood aloof from the world’s miseries?

You do feel empty without me right now, don’t you?

I’m absolutely sure of that. So, you sent me short message “would you give me chance, the last chance?”. FYI, I don’t want to. I want you directly say regret to me and propose me. Like you did –I know it just pretending but...-. Change your bad attitude before. Then I will accept you again.

I can’t deny, I still love you. But the roof of missing you has been yanked out. Your picture in my mind has been peeled off with aversion to you.

But I wait for you.

In here

Because I’m sure I am the lost rib of you

(muf ya kalo bahasa Inggrisnya ancur :)

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