31 December 2010

Kegiatan Akhir 2010

Biola Mbak Ulya
And coz of Raushan brought the violin when muktamar, I remembered that one of my friends at lodging house has a violin too. After Maghrib I decided to ask her wheter I could [just] touch it or not. Mbak Ulya said even if I wanted to play it, just go ahead. Hehehehe...

Mbak Ulya just very kind and also teach me how to play violin and for bonus, I was also taught to play a piano :D But before I played, Mbak Ulya said that it would be sound terrible because it wasn't played for a long time.

As a result: I can play do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-ti-do :D

It made me happy :) Maybe I can learn other instrument beside Harmonica and Recorder :D

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ulya said...

Kalau mau diambil juga boleh lho nad, buat kenang2an hihi. . Asal dimainin :D