9 December 2010

Pelajaran Hidup

"Pelajaran hidup hanya ada empat. Sabar, ikhlas, maaf dan terima kasih. Ketika kau sudah bisa menguasai semuanya, tenanglah kau tu. Ketika kau sabar, muncullah itu ikhlas. Ketika ikhlas, kau mudah memaafkan. Ketika kau sudah memaafkan, kau mudah mengucapkan terima kasih." -Doni Irawan Rodi

It's like a~ what yee? Shock therapy maybe?

It's easy to say, but hard to do. Hard to be patient. I've ever asked someone 

"Until when do we need to be patient?"

"It's has no limit to be patient. You need to be patient in your patience. If you say that you can't be patient anymore, you fail to be a patient person"

Hard to have a sincere heart, hard to say sorry, hard to say thank you from your heart.

I'm still learning so much things about this life.

How you stand still in your opinion, have a different principal with others, how to organize yourself.

And learning how to believe in your dream, not to let it go because you THINK you can't do that.

You yourself that do know the best for you. Once you set your mind that you can't reach your dream, you'll never do that. But if you go ahead, you step your feet to reach your dream, never go back, even you face failure. Just fix it and go reach it!

Today's lesson : Be Patient!

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