2 August 2009

A Night Prayer

Jogjakarta, August 1st 2009
3rd day in here

With the name of Allah, the Merciful, Beneficient..

Here I kneel, looking for Your blessing and merci..

I am here, admire You, then begging You

My teardrops on slowly..

I bring lots problem..

I just can't stand still..

-Lord, You really love me
I beg You brave, You not giving me brave, but chance to be brave

I beg You patience, You not giving me patience, but chance to be patient

Lord, You give me love..

You had told me not to give it to someone before the right time..

But I did

Now I know why You did say so

I just can't stand still without You

Give me chance to be strong,

I'll show You that I can be the best

I beg You,

Show me the right path

I beg You,

Make me loving someone because I love You

By the time,
Verily man is loss
Except those who believe and do good, and enjoin on each other truth, enjoin on each other patience
Al-ashr 1-3

Glory be to Allah

And all praise to Allah

Wa la ila ha ilallah,
And there is no God except Allah

Wallahu Akbar!
And Allah is the Greatest..!

For all my pray

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